Star Wars: Shock Wave

The New Republic and the Jedi Order breathe a sigh of relief as Admiral Daala’s offensive campaign is halted after her catastrophic defeat above the forest moon of Yavin IV, home to the Jedi Praxeum. However, neither the Order nor the Republic will be allowed much time to recuperate, for a new threat brews in the shadows.

A young Chiss noble, exiled from his home, and his droid companion are bound to the Hapes Consortium on business of Jedi interest, where they team up with a wandering Force scholar and his Wookiee partner on their quest to rid the galaxy of slavers. When fate intervenes and disrupts the mission, this band of heroes will be thrust into an adventure of grand proportions that may well determine the fate of the New Republic and its triumphant peacekeepers, the Jedi.

Shock Wave

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