Shock Wave

6/9/12 - Yavin II Training Facility

Adventure Journal Entry – Chapter 1

Click the above link for the pdf!

Summary: Baldrun was introduced to the party as a new member. The group took advantage of some extra training, granting them bonuses in an area of their choice. In the middle of the military-equipment licensing process, the target dummy droids suddenly turned on the facility personnel and began to attack. The party cleared the firing range of drones with the “help” of Zarroq Half-Hand and the heavy weapons instructor. The party received warning about a second wave of enemies and fortified their position.

Note: The novelization of the journal entry takes certain liberties with the story to make a better narrative. Nothing major has been changed, but you may notice details that were not mentioned or are slightly different than described during gameplay.

Enjoy! And please do give feedback, I’m not an author by trade and I know I need improvement. This chapter is just a first draft and is very likely to be revised for a final product.


Here’s a link to the chapter in word format. If you want, you can use it to make notes and send it back to me for feedback!


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