Shock Wave

3D-4M Post Combat Report, Log #2

Post-Combat Report:

YT-2000 Event Horizon – [Minor Cosmetic Damage]
Hapan Nova Cruiser Transitory Mist – [No Damage]
32nd Hapan X-Wing Squadron, 2nd Flight – [No Damage]

Modified CR70 Corellian Corvette, Hawkbat – [Destroyed]
(2) Cloakshape Starfighters – [Destroyed]

Summary of Engagement:

YT-2000 Transport Event Horizon exited hyperspace above the planet Gallinore at 15:08 hours, Standard Galactic Time in the path of a damaged CR70 Corellian Corvette, later identified as the pirate vessel Hawkbat. The damaged corvette was fleeing an engagement with a Hapan Battle Group that ambushed a pirate flotilla, the other pirate vessels having been disabled or destroyed. One Hapan Nova Cruiser broke from formation to pursue the fleeing vessel.

After detecting the Event Horizon‘s reversion to real space, the corvette launched a flight of two Cloakshape starfighters to harry the transport and clear a path to a safe hyperspace jump point. Silais D’ukal and his partner, Grozurra, manned the ship’s two laser cannon turrets, while Zyldash took the co-pilot’s seat and I, 3D-4M, assumed the role of damage control in Engineering. After a few minutes of dogfighting, the Event Horizon crew succeeded in destroying the pirate fighters moments before the Hapan Nova Cruiser launched a flight of X-Wings, which destroyed the fleeing CR70 Corvette with a salvo of proton torpedoes as the ship began its jump to hyperspace. So close was the corvette to escaping, that the engine assembly in fact achieved transition into hyperspace while the fore section of the ship was left derelict in space.


While the Nova Cruiser Transitory Mists circled the wreck of the corvette, inspecting the vessel, the Event Horizon was escorted by the X-Wing flight to the remainder of the Hapan Battle Group. The transport was instructed to dock in the hangar of the flagship, the Hapan Battle Dragon Song of War. The Song of War, as it turned out, was the flagship of none other than Prince Isolder, consort to the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. The prince and his commanding officer offered gratitude for the party’s assistance in the engagement and awarded the group with the bounty that had been issued for the pirate gang.

The Hapan Prince then charged the party with a personal request. The battle group had been dispatched to this region in response to reports of missing children on the planet Gallinore. Suspecting slavers, the battle group had been hunting down various pirate groups in the hope of finding useful information, but as had yet not turned up any leads. Discovering that this mission was in harmony with the objectives of the party, the prince requested that the group investigate the matter on the planet. The prince presented the party with a letter of introduction that would prove the party’s authenticity to any local authorities, instructing them to render aid where possible. This being done, the party was then granted access to a limited selection of the ship’s armory before departing the ship and heading down to the planet.

- – - END REPORT – - -



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