Shock Wave

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #3

Landfall Achieved.

Upon landing on the surface of Gallinore, our small band began searching for the local security force’s office. Meanwhile, I stayed behind with Captain Akren to perform post-flight checks and more closely inspect the ship for damage after the space battle; I was able to track the progress of the party by monitoring comm transmissions, thus this log entry.

The party successfully located the local security office, but was informed by the protocol droid on duty that the captain was not present; apparently, he had just left to follow up on a report of unruly patrons at a local bar. While the droid was unable to inform the party to which bar the captain had gone, the party split up and quickly located the establishment in question. The unruly patrons turned out to be some small gang, roughly eight people in number, compared to the three security personnel sent to deal with the situation. Shortly after entering the building, the party witnessed the gang drawing blasters with the intent of killing the security officers; the group immediately joined the firefight, aiding the authorities. In the aftermath of the encounter, all but one gang member lay dead; the surviving criminal was out cold. Unfortunately, one of the security officers was also left dead, and another was wounded.

Captain John Luke took custody of the surviving gang member, locking him up in a cell at the security office. Having done so, he was able to give the party a short audience. The captain seemed quite grateful for any assistance the party could offer in solving the case of the missing children and, considering the letter from none other than Prince Isolder himself, was quite willing to share information regarding the case. In a fortuitous development (though only in the sense of trying to track down the kidnappers), one such kidnapping had occurred just the previous night, stealing away a young girl from her family. The party departed, heading towards the apartment of the grieving family.

En route to the apartment complex, the party was intercepted by a group of thugs in a landspeeder. They identified themselves as members of the Ni’Korish gang. As I quickly searched through databanks on the local Net, I found that one of the primary motivations of the Ni’Korish is a deap-seated hatred for the Jedi. It would seem that our Jedi friend, Silais D’ukal, had in the earlier bar brawl revealed his talent with the Force. The gang opened fire on the party, but a few salvos of blaster fire, an enraged Wookiee with a meter of cold, hard steel in each hand, and supernatural lightning quickly dealt with the matter.

Proceeding into the apartment complex, the party met with the family of the kidnapped child, named Meechelle. The parents were relatively forthcoming in their testimony, which was as follows:

  • The attack came in the middle of the night.
  • Neither parent heard anything out of the ordinary occur; they slept through the event.
  • There had been no sign of breaking and entering.
  • Other kidnappings had occurred without a trace whatsoever, as though the child had simply up and left the home. In this case, however, the child’s room was a terrible mess, as though a tornado had hit the room. Oddly, all the furniture in the room had been moved a meter or more towards the east wall. Smaller objects, such as flimsiplast sheets and various children’s toys, had stacked up against that wall.

The party began to suspect foul play on the parent’s part. Their mistrust was based on two facts in particular:

  • The aforementioned mess created in the home, as opposed to untouched rooms in previous cases of kidnapping.
  • The father’s refusal to allow the party into the room adjacent to the child’s room.

The party attempted to reason with and cajole the father into allowing the group to investigate the room, but the father stubbornly refused, evidently very scared of the prospect. The party was quite sure that he was hiding something. Finally, they intimidated the father into submission, broke into the room, and continued the investigation. The room proved to be in a similar state to the child’s bedroom; a mess of papers, furniture shifted towards the west wall (which separates the office from the child’s room), and various junk piled against the wall. The party first turned to the remains of a large desk, breaking into the drawers which contained various files.

What the party found was quite astounding. First, the party discovered that the father had recently invented a new piece of technology; an object that extends a sound barrier, rather like a privacy field, but considerably more powerful and undetectable by most sensors. The prototpye, however, was missing. The party also found a small crystal shard, curious in color, warping light around it in confusing patterns. However, the more astonishing revelation was found beneath a false bottom in the drawer. Beneath was a collection of child’s drawings, depicting primarily the young girl with her father in various activities. Reasoning from the drawings, in conjunction with further testimony from the father, revealed that the child was Force sensitive, one of the potential Jedi Academy students Zyldash had been sent to find. The father had taken extreme measures to keep the child’s Jedi potential a secret, for the Ni’Korish gang had a large following in the area; besides that, the people of Hapes generally dislike the Jedi, to begin with.

The party vowed to the family that they would do their best to return their daughter to them. The party pocketed the crystal shard, planning to examine it later. They departed the apartment, checked the adjoining apartments for clues, found none, and departed the complex.

- – - End Log Entry – - -



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