Shock Wave

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #4

After finishing their investigation at the apartment, the party was ambushed on the street (again), this time by a small swoop gang. Three bikers chose to exact revenge for a fallen friend; it would seem that the leader of the gang in the bar fight was a comrade of theirs. The bikers, what with the leader’s heavy weaponry, managed to inflict some damage to the party before meeting their own maker.

After the fight, Zyldash returned to the Event Horizon to scrounge for medical supplies on the ship and in surrounding shops. Meanwhile, Grozurra and Silais discovered a datapad on the slain bikers that offered an interesting opportunity. It seems that the Ni’Korish gang operated a small base or camp several kilometers outside the city. Unable to ignore this lead, the two partners rented an airspeeder to take them to the gang’s base.

Silais and Grozurra managed to sneak the airspeeder in undetected, landing in a deserted hangar littered with various models of airspeeder. Continuing further into the facility, the two discovered a small room dedicated to surveillance. The two failed to maintain their stealthy approach, however, and the two droid guards were alerted to their presence. Reaching out to the Force, Silais pushed, sending the two droids crashing into the wall; unfortunately, the control panels and surveillance monitors were also crushed by the push.

Resuming their reconnaissance, the party stumbled across a room with a very large, ornate door, guarded by two security droids. The party failed the droid’s challenge to identify themselves, causing two more droids to appear from the corners of the room not visible from the hall. The droids meticulously opened fire, and managed to hit Silais with sufficient force to knock him out. Grozurra threw Silais over his shoulder and retreated back to the empty hangar. There, Grozurra revived Silais, who took a moment to patch up his wounds before the droids entered the hangar bay. This time, prepared for the enemy, Silais and Grozurra managed to fend off the droids, using the Force to crush the last droid against the wall with a landspeeder.

Returning to the ornate door, the two quickly examined the control panel for the door. Three numbers to the code had already been punched in, but three numbers remained before the door could open. Unable to guess the correct code, the two further examined the panel and found something rather astonishing; whatever technical genius had set up this console had also installed a “Forgot My Password” button. By solving a simple riddle, the party was able to gain access to the area beyond.

In the rooms beyond, they discovered an observation deck, overlooking a huge room, littered with mock structures and disabled vehicles. Further down the hall, they gained access to two offices. Inside they found various sundries, requisition reports and orders, basic financial statements, reports indicating that the gang was also running seemingly-legitimate security/bodyguard projects, and a few files on those assignments. As they were finishing with the second office, a klaxon sounded in the distance, causing the party to cautiously return to the observation deck. Below, two teams of troopers conducted a faux battle. One team held a high ground, a building complete with an E-Web gunnery nest, whilst the other team tried to displace the enemy team and capture the area. Clearly, the gang was training troops for something big, but what?

The party returned down the hallway, now obviously an executive wing for the building, to the largest set of double doors. Inside sat the base commander, who activated an intercom after the party failed to hack the door controls, demanding to know who was outside his office. The party successfully bluffed their way into the room on some pretext of bringing news of a recent operation. The leader, who turned out to be incredibly gullible and quite daft, suspected nothing until the Wookiee began punching him in the face.

Having captured the base commander, the party decided it was best to “git while the gittin’s good”, so to speak. They threw the commander into a speeder and departed the facility before the mass of troops could discover the intruders and capture the infiltration team. The party, intending to drop the commander off at the security station for safekeeping, first swung by the Event Horizon to pick up Zyldash and much-needed medical supplies. Fully healed, the party set a course to the security station.

- – - End Log – - -



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