Shock Wave

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #5

My work on the Event Horizon is nearly complete.

The party left just moments ago, en route to the security station with their captive in tow. Grozurra handed a datapad abducted from the facility to Zyldash as he boarded the airspeeder, immediately beginning the process of breaking the encryption to view the datapad’s contents. About halfway through the ride to the station, he succeeded. The datapad contained a report indicating that a strike team was planning an assault on the security station. The gang member captured in the bar fight apparently is more important than he seemed.

Zyldash was unable to raise the security captain on the comlink, the signal apparently being jammed or scrambled by something. Fearing the worst, the party landed the airspeeder down the street and cautiously approached the security station. Night was upon them, so visibility was down, but due to the constant light reflected and generated by the Transitory Mists above, everyone was at least able to see better than they otherwise would at night on some other world. Approaching the security station, they spotted three figures huddling around the front wall of the station, the silhouette of a landspeeder nearby. The party was near enough to determine that one of the figures was planting an explosive charge on the wall.

The enemy strike team spotted the party as they approached, and a mounted gun on the speeder roared to life. The party engaged the foe as the landspeeder weaved in and out of the battle, attempting to ram nearby party members (primarily Grozurra, being a specialist in melee combat). A Force push and a blast of lightning disabled the foes in the speeder, as well as the speeder itself, while a hidden sniper began taking shots at my comrades. Having finished my duties back on the ship, I appeared in time to launch an unexpected counter-attack on an unaware foe. Grozurra rushed to the explosive charge, successfully disarming the bomb with barely seconds to spare. The sniper was quickly hunted down from his perch on the library roof and neutralized.

After examining the remains of the failed strike team, the party turned over their captive to the authorities. We are presently in the security office, where I do believe the captain wishes to speak with us.

- – - End Report – - -



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