Ivo Raxus

A young Miraluka jedi trained by his parents in the ways of the Zeison Sha philosophy, and new member of the New Jedi Academy on Yavin.


Str:16 +3
Dex:14 +2
Con:14 +2
Int:17 +3
Wis:16 +3
Cha:17 +3

Damage Threshold: 14
Hp: 33
FP: 5
DP: 1

Base attack Bonus: +4

Reflex Defense: 10+1+1+2=14
Fortitude Def: 10+1+1+2=14
Will Defense: 10+1+1+3=15

Feats: Force Sensitivity, Force Training(4 powers), Weapon Prof(lightsaber), Weapon prof(Simple), Rapid Strike

Talents: Deflect

Acrobatics 7
Use the Force 8
Initiative 9
Perception 8
Pilot 7

Force Powers: Force Slam, Force Surge, Mind Trick Deflecting Strike

Equipment: 525 Credits, Single Bladed Lightsaber(blue), Comlink, Breath Mask, datapad, 10 datadics, holorecorder, 4 ration packs, syntherope(45 meters), Combat Knife(3d-4m data wafer)

EXP: 200


Ivo Raxus was trained in the ways of the Zeison Sha force tradition on his home world of Yanibar by his parents Calen and Ilia Raxus (both Miraluka) from a very young age. However as he grew older and his prowess and control over the force flourished he began to wonder if his peoples hatred of the Jedi for there perceived betrayal hundreds of years ago was truly justified. After all the Old Jedi Order had been wiped out and Replaced with the new Jedi Praxeum perhaps they were different. So he began to study there ways as well as his peoples, learning proper use of a lightsaber and some of there traditions. At the age of 20 he had resolved to join the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin to learn more about the galaxy and hopefully to help settle the grudge his people have against the Jedi. His father was not pleased with his decision but his mother gave him her blessing along with an old lightsaber passed down thru her family for hundreds of years, he promised his safe return and with that he set off for training. On his way to the academy he meets up with a Ubese going by the name V’Shale a quiet merchant on also on his/her way to Yavin. The two of them became friends after the transport they were traveling in was attacked by raiders and they were forced to repel the attackers together. One year later he is assigned his first independent mission to find more force sensitives on the Planet Gallinore in the Hapes Consortium….

First and foremost Ivo seeks to help his people overcome their dislike towards the Jedi and heal the wounds caused so long ago.
Secondly he simply wishes to become a Jedi Knight and master the artful forms of the lightsaber.

Ivo is a strong believer in self-reliance and freedom and hates anything that restricts freedom.
He’s good willed and seeks to help others where ever he can tho he does prefer to them triumph over their own problems he will not leave someone in dire need.

Ivo Raxus

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