Exp: 200

Name: V’Shale

Race: Ubese

Age: Class: Noble lvl 1

Damage Threshold: 11

HP: 18

FP: 5

DP: 1

Str:5 -2

Dex:16 +3

Con:11 +0

Wis:15 +2

Int:17 +3

Cha:10 +0

Base Attack Bonus:0

Reflex Defense: 15

Will Defense: 15

Fortide Defense: 13

Racial: (skill focus perception if trained)

Feats: Weapon Prof(pistols), Weapon Prof(simple), Linguist, Force Sensitivity


Trained Skills: Use Force, Perception, Pilot, Inititive, Gather Information, Decption, Treat Injury, Persuasion, Ride

Languages: Basic, Ubeninal, Ubese

Credits: 445


ASP Labor Droid

-2 kg of compartment space

-5 HP Threshold 13

-Inititive +1 Perception +2

-Ref 15 (14ff) Fort 13 Will 10

-speed 6, claw 4 (1d43)

-Mechanics +4, Endurance +11

Stun Baton

Sporting Blaster Pistol (licensed)

Helmet Package

+2 on perception Checks and low light vision

Hands Free Comlink

Hip Holster

Hip Sheath

Utility Belt

3day food supply,


-Spare Power Pack

-Spare Energy Cell

-Glow Rod


-Liquid Cable Dispenser

-unidentified crystal from Gallinore


Quarter of Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4


Shock Wave Zytik