A loyal Gen'Dai Lieutenant in the Army of the New Republic who has been tranfered to the command of the Jedi Council as a show of good will from the New Republic


Name: Baldrun
Age: 904 Galactic Years
Sex: Male
Height: 2.8 meters
Weight: 155 Kilos
Speed: 8 squares
Class: Solider 6
Race: Gen’Dai

HP: 89
Damage Threshold: 29 (58 vs instant death)

Str: 18 +4
Dex: 16 +3
Con: 20 +5
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 10 +0
Cha: 7 -2

Reflex Defense:-25
Fortitude Defense:-24
Will Defense:-15

DR: 2
SR: 0

BAB: 6
Melee Attack: +10
Ranged Attack: +9

Skills: Endurance(14), Initiative(12), Knowledge Tactics (+9)

Talents: Armored Defense, Juggernaut, Harms Way

Feats: Pistol Prof, Rifle Prof, Light Armor Prof, Med Armor Prof, Heavy Armor Prof Simple Weapon Prof, Advanced Melee Weapon Prof, Shake it Off, Stay Up, Stand Tall Combat Reflexes, Mighty Swing

Primary Weapon: Huge VibroAxe (2d12+Str) <energy>
Secondary Weapon: Large Bryar Pistol (3d8) <50>
Tertiary Weapon: Slugthrower Rifle (Slinker Mod) (2d8) <20>
Back-up Melee Weapon: Force Pike

Armor: Large Stormtrooper Armor (Repulsorlift Mod, One free slot left)
Reflex Defense: 6 Max Dex: +3

Inventory: Backpack, Basic Datapad, Bandolier, Hip Holster, Field Kit, Mesh Tape, 2 energy cell, Stormtrooper Armor, 3 x Blaster Rifle, 1 x Frag Grenades, Light Repeater Rifle, Ceremonial Battle Armor, 11 power packs, 8 Rifle Slinker clips, 53,025 Credits

Exp: 14,660

Organization: Army of the New Republic
Rank Score: 7 (Sergeant)
Requisition: 10,000 Credits
Personal: 2,500 Credits
Starships: 50,000



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