Shock Wave

6/9/12 - Yavin II Training Facility

Adventure Journal Entry – Chapter 1

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Summary: Baldrun was introduced to the party as a new member. The group took advantage of some extra training, granting them bonuses in an area of their choice. In the middle of the military-equipment licensing process, the target dummy droids suddenly turned on the facility personnel and began to attack. The party cleared the firing range of drones with the “help” of Zarroq Half-Hand and the heavy weapons instructor. The party received warning about a second wave of enemies and fortified their position.

Note: The novelization of the journal entry takes certain liberties with the story to make a better narrative. Nothing major has been changed, but you may notice details that were not mentioned or are slightly different than described during gameplay.

Enjoy! And please do give feedback, I’m not an author by trade and I know I need improvement. This chapter is just a first draft and is very likely to be revised for a final product.

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #5

My work on the Event Horizon is nearly complete.

The party left just moments ago, en route to the security station with their captive in tow. Grozurra handed a datapad abducted from the facility to Zyldash as he boarded the airspeeder, immediately beginning the process of breaking the encryption to view the datapad’s contents. About halfway through the ride to the station, he succeeded. The datapad contained a report indicating that a strike team was planning an assault on the security station. The gang member captured in the bar fight apparently is more important than he seemed.

Zyldash was unable to raise the security captain on the comlink, the signal apparently being jammed or scrambled by something. Fearing the worst, the party landed the airspeeder down the street and cautiously approached the security station. Night was upon them, so visibility was down, but due to the constant light reflected and generated by the Transitory Mists above, everyone was at least able to see better than they otherwise would at night on some other world. Approaching the security station, they spotted three figures huddling around the front wall of the station, the silhouette of a landspeeder nearby. The party was near enough to determine that one of the figures was planting an explosive charge on the wall.

The enemy strike team spotted the party as they approached, and a mounted gun on the speeder roared to life. The party engaged the foe as the landspeeder weaved in and out of the battle, attempting to ram nearby party members (primarily Grozurra, being a specialist in melee combat). A Force push and a blast of lightning disabled the foes in the speeder, as well as the speeder itself, while a hidden sniper began taking shots at my comrades. Having finished my duties back on the ship, I appeared in time to launch an unexpected counter-attack on an unaware foe. Grozurra rushed to the explosive charge, successfully disarming the bomb with barely seconds to spare. The sniper was quickly hunted down from his perch on the library roof and neutralized.

After examining the remains of the failed strike team, the party turned over their captive to the authorities. We are presently in the security office, where I do believe the captain wishes to speak with us.

- – - End Report – - -

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #4

After finishing their investigation at the apartment, the party was ambushed on the street (again), this time by a small swoop gang. Three bikers chose to exact revenge for a fallen friend; it would seem that the leader of the gang in the bar fight was a comrade of theirs. The bikers, what with the leader’s heavy weaponry, managed to inflict some damage to the party before meeting their own maker.

After the fight, Zyldash returned to the Event Horizon to scrounge for medical supplies on the ship and in surrounding shops. Meanwhile, Grozurra and Silais discovered a datapad on the slain bikers that offered an interesting opportunity. It seems that the Ni’Korish gang operated a small base or camp several kilometers outside the city. Unable to ignore this lead, the two partners rented an airspeeder to take them to the gang’s base.

Silais and Grozurra managed to sneak the airspeeder in undetected, landing in a deserted hangar littered with various models of airspeeder. Continuing further into the facility, the two discovered a small room dedicated to surveillance. The two failed to maintain their stealthy approach, however, and the two droid guards were alerted to their presence. Reaching out to the Force, Silais pushed, sending the two droids crashing into the wall; unfortunately, the control panels and surveillance monitors were also crushed by the push.

Resuming their reconnaissance, the party stumbled across a room with a very large, ornate door, guarded by two security droids. The party failed the droid’s challenge to identify themselves, causing two more droids to appear from the corners of the room not visible from the hall. The droids meticulously opened fire, and managed to hit Silais with sufficient force to knock him out. Grozurra threw Silais over his shoulder and retreated back to the empty hangar. There, Grozurra revived Silais, who took a moment to patch up his wounds before the droids entered the hangar bay. This time, prepared for the enemy, Silais and Grozurra managed to fend off the droids, using the Force to crush the last droid against the wall with a landspeeder.

Returning to the ornate door, the two quickly examined the control panel for the door. Three numbers to the code had already been punched in, but three numbers remained before the door could open. Unable to guess the correct code, the two further examined the panel and found something rather astonishing; whatever technical genius had set up this console had also installed a “Forgot My Password” button. By solving a simple riddle, the party was able to gain access to the area beyond.

In the rooms beyond, they discovered an observation deck, overlooking a huge room, littered with mock structures and disabled vehicles. Further down the hall, they gained access to two offices. Inside they found various sundries, requisition reports and orders, basic financial statements, reports indicating that the gang was also running seemingly-legitimate security/bodyguard projects, and a few files on those assignments. As they were finishing with the second office, a klaxon sounded in the distance, causing the party to cautiously return to the observation deck. Below, two teams of troopers conducted a faux battle. One team held a high ground, a building complete with an E-Web gunnery nest, whilst the other team tried to displace the enemy team and capture the area. Clearly, the gang was training troops for something big, but what?

The party returned down the hallway, now obviously an executive wing for the building, to the largest set of double doors. Inside sat the base commander, who activated an intercom after the party failed to hack the door controls, demanding to know who was outside his office. The party successfully bluffed their way into the room on some pretext of bringing news of a recent operation. The leader, who turned out to be incredibly gullible and quite daft, suspected nothing until the Wookiee began punching him in the face.

Having captured the base commander, the party decided it was best to “git while the gittin’s good”, so to speak. They threw the commander into a speeder and departed the facility before the mass of troops could discover the intruders and capture the infiltration team. The party, intending to drop the commander off at the security station for safekeeping, first swung by the Event Horizon to pick up Zyldash and much-needed medical supplies. Fully healed, the party set a course to the security station.

- – - End Log – - -

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #3

Landfall Achieved.

Upon landing on the surface of Gallinore, our small band began searching for the local security force’s office. Meanwhile, I stayed behind with Captain Akren to perform post-flight checks and more closely inspect the ship for damage after the space battle; I was able to track the progress of the party by monitoring comm transmissions, thus this log entry.

The party successfully located the local security office, but was informed by the protocol droid on duty that the captain was not present; apparently, he had just left to follow up on a report of unruly patrons at a local bar. While the droid was unable to inform the party to which bar the captain had gone, the party split up and quickly located the establishment in question. The unruly patrons turned out to be some small gang, roughly eight people in number, compared to the three security personnel sent to deal with the situation. Shortly after entering the building, the party witnessed the gang drawing blasters with the intent of killing the security officers; the group immediately joined the firefight, aiding the authorities. In the aftermath of the encounter, all but one gang member lay dead; the surviving criminal was out cold. Unfortunately, one of the security officers was also left dead, and another was wounded.

Captain John Luke took custody of the surviving gang member, locking him up in a cell at the security office. Having done so, he was able to give the party a short audience. The captain seemed quite grateful for any assistance the party could offer in solving the case of the missing children and, considering the letter from none other than Prince Isolder himself, was quite willing to share information regarding the case. In a fortuitous development (though only in the sense of trying to track down the kidnappers), one such kidnapping had occurred just the previous night, stealing away a young girl from her family. The party departed, heading towards the apartment of the grieving family.

En route to the apartment complex, the party was intercepted by a group of thugs in a landspeeder. They identified themselves as members of the Ni’Korish gang. As I quickly searched through databanks on the local Net, I found that one of the primary motivations of the Ni’Korish is a deap-seated hatred for the Jedi. It would seem that our Jedi friend, Silais D’ukal, had in the earlier bar brawl revealed his talent with the Force. The gang opened fire on the party, but a few salvos of blaster fire, an enraged Wookiee with a meter of cold, hard steel in each hand, and supernatural lightning quickly dealt with the matter.

Proceeding into the apartment complex, the party met with the family of the kidnapped child, named Meechelle. The parents were relatively forthcoming in their testimony, which was as follows:

  • The attack came in the middle of the night.
  • Neither parent heard anything out of the ordinary occur; they slept through the event.
  • There had been no sign of breaking and entering.
  • Other kidnappings had occurred without a trace whatsoever, as though the child had simply up and left the home. In this case, however, the child’s room was a terrible mess, as though a tornado had hit the room. Oddly, all the furniture in the room had been moved a meter or more towards the east wall. Smaller objects, such as flimsiplast sheets and various children’s toys, had stacked up against that wall.

The party began to suspect foul play on the parent’s part. Their mistrust was based on two facts in particular:

  • The aforementioned mess created in the home, as opposed to untouched rooms in previous cases of kidnapping.
  • The father’s refusal to allow the party into the room adjacent to the child’s room.

The party attempted to reason with and cajole the father into allowing the group to investigate the room, but the father stubbornly refused, evidently very scared of the prospect. The party was quite sure that he was hiding something. Finally, they intimidated the father into submission, broke into the room, and continued the investigation. The room proved to be in a similar state to the child’s bedroom; a mess of papers, furniture shifted towards the west wall (which separates the office from the child’s room), and various junk piled against the wall. The party first turned to the remains of a large desk, breaking into the drawers which contained various files.

What the party found was quite astounding. First, the party discovered that the father had recently invented a new piece of technology; an object that extends a sound barrier, rather like a privacy field, but considerably more powerful and undetectable by most sensors. The prototpye, however, was missing. The party also found a small crystal shard, curious in color, warping light around it in confusing patterns. However, the more astonishing revelation was found beneath a false bottom in the drawer. Beneath was a collection of child’s drawings, depicting primarily the young girl with her father in various activities. Reasoning from the drawings, in conjunction with further testimony from the father, revealed that the child was Force sensitive, one of the potential Jedi Academy students Zyldash had been sent to find. The father had taken extreme measures to keep the child’s Jedi potential a secret, for the Ni’Korish gang had a large following in the area; besides that, the people of Hapes generally dislike the Jedi, to begin with.

The party vowed to the family that they would do their best to return their daughter to them. The party pocketed the crystal shard, planning to examine it later. They departed the apartment, checked the adjoining apartments for clues, found none, and departed the complex.

- – - End Log Entry – - -

3D-4M Post Combat Report, Log #2

Post-Combat Report:

YT-2000 Event Horizon – [Minor Cosmetic Damage]
Hapan Nova Cruiser Transitory Mist – [No Damage]
32nd Hapan X-Wing Squadron, 2nd Flight – [No Damage]

Modified CR70 Corellian Corvette, Hawkbat – [Destroyed]
(2) Cloakshape Starfighters – [Destroyed]

Summary of Engagement:

YT-2000 Transport Event Horizon exited hyperspace above the planet Gallinore at 15:08 hours, Standard Galactic Time in the path of a damaged CR70 Corellian Corvette, later identified as the pirate vessel Hawkbat. The damaged corvette was fleeing an engagement with a Hapan Battle Group that ambushed a pirate flotilla, the other pirate vessels having been disabled or destroyed. One Hapan Nova Cruiser broke from formation to pursue the fleeing vessel.

After detecting the Event Horizon‘s reversion to real space, the corvette launched a flight of two Cloakshape starfighters to harry the transport and clear a path to a safe hyperspace jump point. Silais D’ukal and his partner, Grozurra, manned the ship’s two laser cannon turrets, while Zyldash took the co-pilot’s seat and I, 3D-4M, assumed the role of damage control in Engineering. After a few minutes of dogfighting, the Event Horizon crew succeeded in destroying the pirate fighters moments before the Hapan Nova Cruiser launched a flight of X-Wings, which destroyed the fleeing CR70 Corvette with a salvo of proton torpedoes as the ship began its jump to hyperspace. So close was the corvette to escaping, that the engine assembly in fact achieved transition into hyperspace while the fore section of the ship was left derelict in space.


While the Nova Cruiser Transitory Mists circled the wreck of the corvette, inspecting the vessel, the Event Horizon was escorted by the X-Wing flight to the remainder of the Hapan Battle Group. The transport was instructed to dock in the hangar of the flagship, the Hapan Battle Dragon Song of War. The Song of War, as it turned out, was the flagship of none other than Prince Isolder, consort to the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. The prince and his commanding officer offered gratitude for the party’s assistance in the engagement and awarded the group with the bounty that had been issued for the pirate gang.

The Hapan Prince then charged the party with a personal request. The battle group had been dispatched to this region in response to reports of missing children on the planet Gallinore. Suspecting slavers, the battle group had been hunting down various pirate groups in the hope of finding useful information, but as had yet not turned up any leads. Discovering that this mission was in harmony with the objectives of the party, the prince requested that the group investigate the matter on the planet. The prince presented the party with a letter of introduction that would prove the party’s authenticity to any local authorities, instructing them to render aid where possible. This being done, the party was then granted access to a limited selection of the ship’s armory before departing the ship and heading down to the planet.

- – - END REPORT – - -

3D-4M Memory Log, Entry #1

Designation: 3D-4M
Series: Industrial Automaton 4M Administrative Droid Series
Unique Identifier: 3D418EAF-001282-IA-4M

Processor: AA-7X Experimental Verbrobrain 256 Cores @2.8 PHz

Initiating Power-On Self-Test…………. OK
Testing Available System Memory……….. 4194304 GB OK
Calibrating Locomotive Module…………. OK
Identifying Manipulative Appendages……. OK
Identifying Other Appendages………….. ERROR, NOT FOUND
Reticulating Splines…………………. OK

Identifying Storage Devices…………… 104857600 GB VOLUME OK

Initiating Boot Sequence……………… SUCCESS!

Syncing with nearest subspace location station……… FAILURE
Consulting with nearest open nav system……………. SUCCESS

Initializing Audio/Visual Equipment……. OK

Scanning……………………………. (4) ORGANICS IDENTIFIED
Relation : MASTER



Identifier: AKREN, CAPTAIN


Exiting Hyperspace………….. NOW!







Incoming Message from Ship Computer: RED ALERT. ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS.

root@3D-4M:~$ echo “Master: Recommend manning the laser cannons. Incoming ships, possibly hostile.” | ./vocalize – -T2S -tone Suggestive


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