Force Scholar

The Force Scholar, or “Forcerer.”

Whether by way of formal study or by intense curiousity as to the intricacies involved in manipulating the Force, the scholar progresses his knowledge of the more mystic aspect of the Force. Scholars are typically unafraid to experiment with their power and constantly hunger for new and more interesting Force powers.


Force Affinity: Choose a Force power in your suite. Every round, roll a d6. On a 5 or a 6, that power is available for use again. A Force power may only be regenerated in this way once per encounter. This talent may be chosen more than once. Each time this talent is chosen, it affects a different Force power. A player may only make two regeneration rolls per round. The second roll only regenerates the force power on a result of 6. Prerequisite: In Time of Need

In Time of Need: Choose a Force power in your suite. When you spend a Second Wind after dropping below half your maximum HP, that Force power is available for use again. This talent may only be chosen once, and affects only the Force power specified.

Scholastic Weave: Weave forgotten Force techniques into your Force power, giving the power unique characteristics. You may, at your discretion, choose to roll a d20 whenever you use a Force power, and compare to the following chart for the effect.

Roll Effect
1 Target gains DR against Force powers equal to half the damage the power would have dealt until the end of your next turn
2 Power heals target by one die of damage
3 Power grants damage bonus to target’s next attack by one die of Force power’s damage
4 No Effect
5 No Effect
6 Power deals Fire damage
7 Power deals Cold damage
8 Power deals Sonic damage
9 Power deals Acid damage
10 Power deals Poison damage
11 Power deals Shock damage
12 Power deals Stun damage
13 Power knocks yourself and target back one square. Both must make DC 10 Dexterity check or fall prone.
14 Power deals extra (1d4 – 1) damage to target and yourself
15 Power allows you to jump through a rift in time-space and reappear next to an ally of your choice
16 Power ignores DR equal to half of one die of damage
17 Power deals one die of damage to an enemy adjacent to you
18 Power deals half damage to one enemy of your choice adjacent to target
19 Power deals one additional die of damage
20 Power is returned to your suite for another use

Scholastic Objectivity (a.k.a. FOR SCIENCE!): Select one new Force power you do not already know with the Dark Side or Light Side descriptor. This power can be used as though it did not have this descriptor. This talent cannot be taken more than one time, but it does stack with other, similar talents.

Studied Response: When presented with the chance to perform an opportunity attack, you may use a single-target Force power instead of a basic attack.

Cram Session: You may choose one Force power you do not know and, if you succeed at a DC20 Use the Force check, add it to your Force power suite for that day.

Brain Cramp: Once per encounter, you may make a Use the Force skill check when you use a single-target Force Power. Compare your result to the following benefits:

DC15: Your Force power affects another enemy within two squares of your target. Each target takes half normal damage from the attack.
DC20: Your Force power affects two additional enemies within two squares of your target. Each target takes half the normal damage from the attack.
DC25: Your Force power affects all enemies within two squares of your target. Each target takes half the normal damage from the attack.

Force Scholar

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