Medical Droid: A droid companion follows you around with medical equipment, aiding you in your healing efforts. The droid’s internal battery powers the droid for 6 hours, after which it must recharge for 30 minutes. As long as the droid is active, you gain a +2 bonus to all First Aid checks. You gain an additional effect based on the type of droid you select as your companion. These effects are listed below:

Hover Droid This small spherical droid does little more than provide some clips to attach syringes and other medical supplies to. The droid does, however, house a small camera that can stream to any datapad. This droid has a maximum hover height of 20 feet.
Medical MSE Droid This tiny wheeled droid carries few supplies, but is incredibly adept at staying out of your way. Using an MSE droid grants you a +2 bonus to your Reflex defense against attacks of opportunities.
Full-sized Medical Droid These droids are more usually found in hospitals and clinics. However, this model has been retrofitted with more agile locomotion methods in order to assist in combat situations. The medical droid is able to extend a small medical bioshield around the target of a First Aid check, granting them a shield rating equal to one-half your level for 1d4-1 rounds. However, due to the size of the droid, it is vulnerable to enemy attack: enemies will not typically target the droid directly, but area attacks could hit the droid. The droid is considered to have HP equal to double your damage threshold or half of your maximum hp, whichever is less.

Robotic Assistant: Your droid companion now directly assists you in interacting with patients. The effect depends on the type of droid you have:

Hover Droid The Hover Droid is upgraded to provide a holographic readout of the patients vital signs, providing an additional +2 bonus to First Aid checks. Furthermore, if you have the Medicinal Enchancements talent, the hover droid can deliver the syringe to the target, removing the need to make an Acrobatics check.
Medical MSE Droid The MSE droid is programmed to sound an alarm when it detects impending danger to the medic. You may now make a DC15 Acrobatics check to prevent an attack of opportunity while performing a First Aid check. Furthermore, if you have the Medicinal Enhancements talent, the hover droid can deliver the syringe to the target, removing the need to make an Acrobatics check.
Full-sized Medical Droid This droid has been modified to produce a salve akin to bacta that can be sprayed onto a patient. As such, once per encounter you can administer this salve to heal a target a number of hit points equal to the target’s damage threshold value.

Prerequisite: Medical Droid

Medicinal Enhancements: As a standard action, you can quickly load a particular compound into 3 syringes. Administering the shot may be performed by anyone and takes a standard action. The effects of each compound are listed below:

Nanobots: The target heals damage equal to half your level at the beginning of its turn for 1d6 turns.
Minor Anesthetic: You inject a minor anesthetic into the target, temporarily increasing the target’s tolerance to pain. The target gain’s temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + half your level.
Coagulant: The coagulant causes the target’s wounds to quickly cease bleeding, decreasing the effectiveness of all attacks slightly. The target gains temporary damage reduction equal to 1d4-1 (minimum 1) for 1d4 rounds.
Stimulant: The target gains a temporary +2 Strength or +2 Dexterity (player’s choice) bonus for 1d4+1 turns.
Adrenaline: The target’s movement speed increases by 50% for 1d4 rounds.
Amplified Reflexes: The target gains a temporary +1 bonus to all defenses for 1d4+1 rounds.

Battle Dressing: You can make a DC15 First Aid check as a standard action in combat to heal an ally for 1d4 hit points (not to exceed half of the character’s level), plus one hit point for every two points exceeding the DC requirement.

Hypocritical Oath: Being trained in the healing arts imparts knowledge also useful in maximizing harm. When using a weapon in one hand, your critical threat range is doubled (critical on a 19 or 20, typically).

Trusted Profession: As few professions are as well respected throughout the galaxy as the healer, people instinctively trust the word of a doctor. As such, you gain a +2 on Persuasion checks if the target is aware of your profession. Prerequisite: Medical Degree

Noxious Concoction: During an extended rest, you are able to brew a noxious concoction that can be used a biochemical weapon. Using common chemicals and compounds worth a value of 100 credits, you make enough concoction to fill five small vials. A vial of the concoction, when broken, emits a small cloud of fumes that covers the target square and all adjacent squares, affecting all units in the effect. Make a ranged attack roll against the target’s reflex defense. If successful, the fumes decrease the targets’ defenses by one and deals 1d4 ongoing damage. A Fortitute Save of DC18 ends the effect. If the attack misses, the vial decreases only one of the target’s defenses of your choice by one point and deals 1d4 damage. Prerequisite: Hypocritical Oath

Medical Degree: The medical degree represents the numerous years of strenuous study and experience demanded of practitioners in the medical field. Over the years, you have learned to avoid common and critical mistakes and what to do in the rare occurrence that a mistake is made. As such, you gain the ability to reroll a First Aid check once per encounter and keep the better result.

Experimental Procedure: You are never shy to try new techniques, even when the result is not entirely clear. Whenever a healing ability has an effect based on your level (1 point per level, 1/2 point per level), you may instead choose to roll 1d12 or 1d8, respectively, and use that number. At 10th level, you roll 2d12 or 2d8 instead. You must accept the result of the roll, even if it is less than your character level (or half your character level, when appropriate). Prerequisite: Medical Degree


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