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The Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV is still recovering from the massive Imperial assault led by Admirals Daala and Palleaon. TIE Starfighter and assault vehicle debris now litters the jungle moon. Yet despite the ferocity of the Imperial invasion, the success of the Jedi students in repelling the force has proven the value of the academy.

As a result, massive recruiting efforts have been launched and enrollment at the academy has boomed. Many students have advanced into the ranks of the Jedi Knights and now undertake missions of considerable importance in the galaxy, ranging from peacekeeping to diplomacy. One such Jedi Knight, by the name of Ivo Raxus was dispatched to the Chiss Ascendancy as a diplomatic envoy with the intent of bringing the Chiss into the Republic.

Unfortunately, Raxus was unable to make any headway through official diplomatic channels except for a few families in the Chaf family. Frustrated, Raxus began to meet directly with the citizenry with the intent to put political pressure on the ruling families to consider his proposal. This was discovered by the ruling families, and Minister of Justice Sabosen’ahsel’aven (Nahselav) trumped up charges of sedition and fomenting rebellion in order to embarrass political rivals in the Chaf family. Certain family groups in the Chaf family, knowing that the Jedi was innocent of these charges, secretly aided the Jedi in his escape. Unfortunately, the Jedi was killed in the attempt and the aid offered by the Chaf family was exposed. Nahselav, ecstatic with his good fortune, did not hesitate to shame the Chaf family by exiling the offenders from the Ascendancy.

Zyldash, a young noble in the Chaf family, was one of the exiled Chiss, who now vows to restore honor to his family as well as offer restitution to the Jedi for the crimes of his people. Along with his droid companion, 3D-4M, Zyldash presented himself before Jedi Master Skywalker, bringing news of the demise of one of the Jedi Knights and offering his services in recompense for his people’s misdeeds. Skywalker, sensing the young Chiss’ sincerity, tasked the noble with investigating news of a sizeable group of Force sensitive youth located on the planet Gallinore in the Hapes Cluster and recruiting them to the academy.

Meanwhile, a Twi’lek Force scholar raised among the Aang’Ti, motivated to unravel the mysteries of the Force first hand, and his Wookiee companion also set their sights on Gallinore. Rumors of disappearing children due to slavers in the area has enticed them to the Hapes Cluster, both companions having personal vendettas against the slave trade.

Both parties have booked passage to the Consortium aboard a YT-2000 light freighter, the Event Horizon, under command of one Captain Akren of Mon Calamari. The adventure begins as the ship hurtles through hyperspace towards the Hapan world of Gallinore.

Custom Talent Trees:

Noble: Physician
Jedi: Force Scholar

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